LED Lighting for Cold Stores: The Best Way to Improve Efficiency and Safety

Cold storage warehouse with LED highbay fittings.

Cold store facilities have some of the highest energy consumption rates in commercial buildings in the UK. During a time where many have seen energy costs double, looking for ways to reduce energy consumption has become increasingly important. Upgrading existing traditional lighting from typically fluorescent tubes or metal halide fittings to the latest generation of high efficiency LED lighting is a very attractive option.

Cold storage facilities have some of the harshest working environments in the food storage and food production industry. Choosing energy efficient, durable cold storage lighting solutions that can withstand these harsh conditions can be a daunting task. There are different types of cold store from small walk-in chillers to large warehouse facilities and sourcing the right cost-effective cold storage lighting for your facility is important.

Why switch to LED?

There are many benefits that come with upgrading cold storage lighting to LED luminaires. They include:

An energy efficient lighting solution. By switching to LED luminaires, you can save at least 50% on your lighting energy costs. Add sensors in the mix and saving more will make for an even more cost-effective cold store solution.

Durable lights. LED industrial, food-grade luminaires offer a robust and very durable lighting solution that can withstand the harsh cold store environment. The CEMA Lighting IP66 rated linear battens or durable circular IP66 rated high bay luminaires provide a great lighting alternative that can operate in temperatures as low as -40oC.

Long lifespan lighting. LED offers a maintenance free cold storage lighting solution. With significantly longer lifespans typically 50,000+ working hours in comparison to traditional lighting solutions. LED lighting is ideal where lamps are typically difficult to access for regular maintenance and replacements.

Increased health and safety in the workplace. LED lighting upgrades offer increased lighting levels (LUX levels) and uniform, bright light spread across your cold storage facility. With a range of different colour temperatures and outputs to suit your unique lighting requirements. Correct lighting provides a much safer and productive working environment for your employees.

Better for the environment. As traditional fluorescent lighting products are phased out during 2023. Due to changes to the RoHS directive removing hazardous toxic lamps from the UK and European markets (with many other countries following suit). LED becomes the preferred lighting choice offering a more sustainable and environmentally sound option. Also, by being more energy efficient your business’ carbon footprint can be significantly reduced helping you step closer to your net-zero goals.

What to consider when choosing LED lights for a cold store

There are a few things you may wish to consider when looking for the correct lighting for your cold store.

Lumen output: This is the measure of how much light a luminaire produces. You'll need to choose luminaires with a high enough lumen output to provide adequate lighting for your cold store.

Colour temperature: Measured in Kelvins. This is the measure of how warm or cool the light appears. For cold stores, it's best to choose bulbs with a cool colour temperature, such as 4000K or 5000K. This will help to create a more natural light environment and prevent food from discolouring.

IP rating: This is the measure of how resistant a luminaire is to dust and water. Suitable ingress protection is important to withstand the environment it operates in. For cold stores, an IP rating of at least IP65 is recommended meaning the luminaires are dust-tight and can withstand low-pressure water jets.

How we helped one company improve the lighting in their cold stores and reduce their energy usage

Food wholesalers Tican Chilled tasked CEMA Lighting to provide a cost-effective cold storage lighting solution that would increase the lighting levels across two of their sites in Swineshead and Walsall.

After an on-site consultation our consultant proposed a solution that would increase the lighting levels to the recommended 150-200 lux in warehouse aisle areas and 300 lux in packaging and dispatch areas. The CEMA exclusive LED IP65 Highbayhigh-efficiency, high-output luminaire was used to replace old low-output LED corn lamps resulting in much improved levels with a 46% energy saving on their existing lighting at their Swineshead site. At their Walsall site our team replaced traditional fluorescent linear fittings with CEMA’s IP66 Linear Battens resulting in a 52% energy saving, increasing light levels and improving overall safety for employees working in the cold store.

How CEMA Lighting can help you

At CEMA Lighting our team of lighting specialists offer a full turnkey lighting solution starting with our FREE, no-obligation on-site lighting consultation where a full inventory of your site’s lighting will be taken before presenting you with a bespoke proposal and full cost of ownership outlining energy savings, lighting designs and an investigation into funding options and grants available if required.

We have an expert in-house team of lighting installers who take your project from concept to completion whilst ensuring your business operations remain undisrupted with our seamless installation process.

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