Environmentally Friendly LED

CEMA Lighting is dedicated to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals. As the UK government aims for carbon neutrality by 2050, we are excited to offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions to support environmentally responsible businesses.

In the past year (2021-2022), CEMA Lighting has helped British companies save over 2500 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 15,000 trees. By choosing CEMA Lighting, you can rest assured of success. You will not only be reducing your carbon emissions in the most efficient way possible, but you will also be supporting your company's financial bottom line by implementing sustainable energy solutions.

We are proud to have reduced these industry leaders' annual carbon emmissions significantly.

Environmentally Friendly LED

We are WEEE compliant, meaning that we will dispose of your old luminaires in a responsible way. (Registration number: WEE/MM7402AA).

Our luminaires are highly energy efficient and are registered on the Energy Technology Product List (ETPL) and accredited with the Carbon Trust.

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