Is It Time To Flick The Switch On Fluorescents?

Old fluorescent T5 and T8 tubes will no longer be available to purchase in the EU or UK

The tide is turning on the use of fluorescent lighting. With the upcoming restrictions on the production of compact fluorescents and T5 and T8 tubes fast approaching, is now the time to flick the switch on fluorescents forever?


Before Lighting Upgrade. Old fluorescent lighting in situ at Newport Bus.

The EU wide ban on the production and sales of the traditional fluorescent lighting begins to phase in from the end of February 2023. Coupled with an ongoing energy and climate crisis, upgrading to the latest energy-efficient LED luminaires becomes a much more attractive greener choice for lighting your businesses.

The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive aims to prevent the risk posed to humans and the environment. It is responsible for the restriction and prevention of any overabundance of hazardous substances in electrical products such as Mercury which is found in fluorescent lighting. The change to this legislation will see the manufacture of toxic fluorescent products come to an end by the end of August 2023.

This phasing out of fluorescent lamps has many benefits for the planet and UK businesses. Switching to LED luminaires is an environmentally sound choice. With LEDs consuming far less energy than traditional lighting you could see at least 50% reduction in energy usage which will reduce your CO2 emissions and dramatically reduce your lighting energy bills. There is no doubt that switching to LED is the most efficient way to light your workspaces.

After energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade at Newport Bus.

LED lighting offers high-efficiency and a clearer, brighter light spread with a significantly longer lifespan than their traditional lighting counterparts. Add in the financial savings and you will see a short return on investment and a future-proof lighting system that is kinder to your pocket and the planet.

Why switch now?

  • Avoid fluorescent tube shortages. Supply and demand will increase.
  • No toxic gases or mercury in LED luminaires.
  • Start saving at least 60% on your lighting energy by switching to LED vs fluorescent tubes.
  • Reduce you carbon emissions dramatically helping towards your business’ NET ZERO goals.
  • Improve the quality of light using the latest generation of LED luminaires.
  • LED lighting offers a vastly improved improved lifespan in comparison to fluorescent lighting.

How CEMA Lighting Can Help

The knowledgeable team at CEMA Lighting are here to help guide you through making the switch to LED. Our lighting consultants offer a no-obligation, free site consultation backed up by a fully costed proposal that will demonstrate how much money your business can save on lighting energy by switching to our exclusive high-efficiency CEMA LED luminaires. We can also advise on all funding options available to you. All new lighting projects are carried out by our very own specialist lighting installation teams and are backed by the CEMA Lighting market-leading 8-year warranty consisting of 5 years ‘Fit & Forget’ and a further 3 years part replacement which means you can concentrate on your day-to-day operations.

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