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Commercial lighting is a speciality for CEMA Lighting and CEMA Installations. Some of our clients who have made the switch to LED lighting include North East Derbyshire Council, Motorpoint, Fluke Calibration, Concentrix, Satra, Dempsey Dyer as well as any others.

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Decorative Lighting Systems

To introduce a stylish and sleek lighting system, the choice of luminaires is crucial to maintain the desired outcome in the future. For expert advice on designing a lighting system to update your office space, arrange a free consultation on our website and receive a bespoke proposal.

Recessed Panel Lights

Efficiently lighting an office to suit the space and its requirement requires strategic designs to minimise screen glare. Recessed Panels are usually the product of choice for offices with a recessed tiled ceiling for a sleek and modern design. CEMA Lighting offers a range of Panel luminaires and lighting systems that can transform your office as well as your energy bill. View our product range for more details.

Linear Lighting Systems

Linear lighting systems are also favoured for higher recessed ceilings and narrow office spaces to angle light directly to the working plan. Changing between a linear and panel lighting system is achievable for most businesses and their requirements, with each having it's own advantages. Get in touch to find out more about our Linear Lighting systems.

Saving Money With LED Lighting

CEMA Lighting guarantee to reduce your lighting costs by a minimum of 50% when making the switch from a traditional lighting system. However, often the energy savings are much higher.

Here are some quick figures of how much money our customers have saved by making the switch to a CEMA Lighting LED lighting system.

These figures exclude any conversions to industrial or external systems and are only savings made through a commercial conversion!

Quick Figures:

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Commercial LED Lighting Range

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