Wrights & Sons Flour and Ingredients, Enfield

Wrights Flour and Ingredients<br>Enfield

Wrights & Sons Flour and Ingredients, Enfield

Wright’s Flour and Ingredients have over 150 years of experience in the flour industry, they pride themselves in producing quality flour with only the finest ingredients, this principle has carried on throughout the years and still stands to this day. CEMA Lighting have recently completed a project at Wright’s Flour’s mill in Enfield.

During the initial consultation, it was discussed that the main objectives of the project was to upgrade the lighting system to increase the level of light and reduce the running costs. The initial lighting system did not provide a high enough lumen output, which caused the production areas of the facility to become quite dark, especially coming into winter months; this alongside the fact that a considerable number of the initial fittings had failed, lead to a brand-new bespoke lighting system supplied, commissioned, and installed by CEMA Lighting and CEMA Installations.

The main lighting across Wright’s Flour’s facility Initially consisted of high wattage, low output flowbay fittings, which were made up of four fluorescent tubes. These tube fittings have a relatively low light output compared to their power consumption as well as a low lifespan.

CEMA Lighting proposed to replace these with CEMA Lighting’s market leading 200lm/W Super High Output Highbay which maximise energy savings whilst providing a long lasting and high output luminaire, with an anticipated lifespan of 100,000 hours, the new system eliminates all maintenance cost requirements Wright’s Flour may have had.

The new lighting system practically cut Wright’s Flour’s annual energy cost in half, giving them a return on investment of under 2 years meaning the new system will have paid itself off before the end of 2023.

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