Touch Global, Multiple Locations

Touch Global, Multiple Locations

Touch Global

Touch Global is a large distributor, they specialise in a wide variety of areas such as selling and distributing and have a rapidly increasing e-commerce presence with a diverse range of brands, from indoor furnishings to wedding decorations. It was addressed that Touch Global wanted to increase the lighting across their site whilst also reducing their energy consumption.

CEMA Lighting found that Touch Global’s original Fluorescent Flobay & Sodium Highbay fittings required a high amount of energy to run in comparison to the light being emitted (80 – 90 lumens/watt). Furthermore, the fittings only had a lifespan of 20,000 hours, meaning they had to be replaced frequently.

CEMA Lighting replaced these with CEMA Lighting’s market-leading 190 Super Lumen Circular Highbays, which emitted a much brighter and whiter light whilst tripling the expected lifespan to 60,000 hours and consuming almost 60% less energy. As well as CEMA Lighting’s High Output IP65 Linear fitting in the upper mezzanine, which helped to improve the durability and lifespan of their lighting system in dusty areas, with an anticipated lifespan of almost 16 years.

After the installation CEMA Lighting was able to reduce Touch Global’s annual lighting costs by 70%, whilst achieving their goal of increasing the light levels across their site. Leaving the new system to pay itself within the next two years.

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