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Sherwin Williams, Knottingley

Sherwin Williams is a global leader in manufacturing paints and coatings for numerous industries across the globe, such as domestic, commercial, road, and rail industries. Sherwin William introduced a new LED lighting system into their facility, supplied, commissioned, and installed by CEMA Lighting and the CEMA Installations team.

The aims of the new system were to reduce the running costs of the lighting, as well as improve the colour rendering of the indoor spaces. In place initially throughout the warehouse were 400W sodium low-bays, which produced warm, orange-toned light. CEMA Lighting proposed to switch these for 200W LED High-Bays, which are more suitable for high ceilings, and cut the running costs in half for this area.

400W sodium low-bays were also situated on the upper mezzanine levels which consumed large amounts of energy and continued the warm wash of light from the warehouse. CEMA Lighting’s IP65 Linear Highbay replaced these to cover the area with effective lighting that was consistent throughout.

Sherwin Williams now has a warehouse space with a mezzanine that is operating at 29% of the original cost with the added benefit of zero maintenance costs for the next 5 years, giving Sherwin Williams an opportunity to invest elsewhere into the business.

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