Reload Systems, Oldbury

Reload Systems, Oldbury

Reload Systems

Reload systems are experts in the repair of industrial vehicles such as skiploaders, trucks, and trailers and operate out of their 13,000 ft2 facility in Oldbury.

Reload systems began with an inefficient, traditional lighting system which was beginning to fail and had been in place for a long time. To cut energy costs, they converted their traditional lighting system over to LED, which was supplied by a local wholesaler, their ambition to reduce energy costs was a success, however, the new lighting system was not as bright as proposed which introduced risks to the health and safety of the staff. Overall, the new system was starting to depreciate which drew reload systems to seek a solution.

Reload Systems invited one of the CEMA Lighting specialists to conduct a free lighting consultation to investigate whether there was anything they could do to improve their current system. The audit was free with no ties and Reload Systems had nothing to lose.

After receiving the proposal in the post from CEMA Lighting, reload systems discovered that there were more financial savings to be made over the LED system they had already introduced as well as guaranteed lux improvements. Reload Systems insisted CEMA Installation came to install the new LED lighting system and re-light their facility.

CEMA Lighting installed a combination of 190lm/W highbays throughout the shop floor which would maximise the lux reading across the work plane, as well as 160lm/w modular floodlights around the outside of the building, the High Output Adjustable LED Floodlights have the flexibility to redirect light using its modules to angle and spread light to where needs it most.

After installing the new LED lighting scheme, reload systems don’t have to worry about the maintenance or longevity for 8 years thanks to the free warranty covering the installation. The new system displays a huge reduction in life costs for the lighting system inside and outside of the building.

Our Products

  • Super Lumen Highbay Product Link

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    LED Super Lumen Highbay

    See above for the product used on this installation

  • Adjustable Modular Floodlight (60W Per Module) Product Link

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    LED High Output 160Lm/W Adjustable Modular Floodlight (60W Per Module)

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