Lefort UK Ltd, Bracknell

LED Flat Panel lights installed in offices at Lefort UK Ltd

Lefort UK Limited Saves 78% on Energy Costs with LED Lighting Upgrade

Lefort UK Limited is a leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of scrap metal recycling equipment based in Bracknell.

Lefort UK were prompted to consider a new lighting upgrade due to a number of failing fluorescent tube lights across the site. They were looking for a reliable, more energy efficient solution that would improve light levels and the safety, particularly in the main welding areas.

Our knowledgeable lighting consultant understood the challenges faced by the company and proposed a new lighting solution that would tackle their issues. The solution proposed by CEMA Lighting would increase the light levels across their site to the CIBSE recommended levels. This would be achieved by replacing all of the traditional inefficient fluorescent tube fittings.

CEMA Lighting’s installation team worked to complete the project over three days with minimal disruption to the workforce at Lefort.

The team replaced all 400 watt lowbay fluorescent tube fittings in the welding areas with our CEMA Lighting exclusive 200 Lm/W Super Lumen High Output Highbay vastly increasing the light levels across the workshops.

The office area lighting was upgraded with our Recessed Panel Light providing an energy efficient, bright lighting solution improving the working environment.

By choosing to upgrade to a CEMA Lighting LED installation, Lefort UK are now reaping the benefits from increased light levels across their site improving the health, safety and overall wellbeing of their employees.

The project has a very short return on investment which means Lefort UK will be enjoying the full cash positive rewards in just over a year. This project has successfully managed to provide a massive 78% energy saving and remove 7.6 tonnes of CO2 from unnecessarily entering the atmosphere annually. This is the equivalent to planting 45 trees annually.

Our Products

  • IP65 High Output Highbay Product Link

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    200W IP65 High Output Highbay

    See above for the product used on this installation

  • LED 600*600 Recessed Panel Light Product Link

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    LED 600*600 Recessed Panel Light

    See above for the product used on this installation

Customer Testimonial

The installation team's attitude was professional and nothing was too much trouble. Not one person at Lefort UK was put out and stopped from working. The CEMA Installations team started early and worked in areas around our team's usage patterns (e.g. lunch/meetings etc), they could not do enough to make it a hassle free experience which was really appreciated by all of our staff.

When there was a health and safety issue with the height of the warehouse roof, they recognised it, stopped work in that area and informed me, moved to another area until the correct height cherry picker arrived on site and then returned to finish the highest lights.

Your team are a credit to your business.

David Ives, Operations Manager - Lefort UK Ltd

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