James Latham, Leeds

James Latham, Leeds

James Latham

James Latham, a leading UK distributor of timber supplies, has over 260 years of experience in the industry; distributing and importing timber since 1757.

The areas that took priority during this project were: the Laminating Shed and walkway, Aisles, and the despatch area. In total, James Latham were able to achieve 54% reductions on running costs when switching their lighting system to LED and a return on investment of 18 months; this meant that the project will have paid for itself by November 2020.

CEMA Lighting produced a bespoke lighting solution for the whole facility. T5 and T8 fluorescent fittings were currently installed in the Laminating shed area consuming more energy than necessary and showing signs of reaching the end of their 15,000-hour lifespan. CEMA Lighting switched these for their High-output IP65 Linear fittings, which has high ingress protection from sawdust, ensuring the system is reliable and suitable for the area.

Some of the aisles between racking in the warehouse area were narrow and long, meaning the luminaires in the area should tailor to this. The old 2x 70W T8 Fluorescent fittings in the area were replaced with CEMA Lighting’s High-output Zigbee Controlled Linear Highbay, which angle the light directly towards the floor, so no light is wasted illuminating the top of the racking. The Zigbee system allows for the lighting to be controlled by a mobile device, which is convenient for turning the lighting system on and off quicker than sensors and without using a switch.

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    200W IP65 High Output Highbay

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    LED High Output Linear Highbay

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Customer Comments

We’re loving our new lighting here at the Leeds depot which has been installed by CEMA Lighting. It gives us better quality light, significant cost savings on electricity and it's more environmentally friendly too!

James Latham

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