James Dawson & Sons, Lincoln

James Dawson & Sons<br>Lincoln

James Dawson & Sons, Lincoln

CEMA Lighting installed a bespoke LED system in James Dawson’s Lincoln site. The vast 180,000 square foot premises were poorly lit by outdated, traditional luminaires. From the outset, CEMA Lighting Ltd. was confident that it could improve the lux levels throughout and hugely reduce James Dawson’s energy bill.

Following a consultation period, CEMA Installations Ltd. replaced over 900 traditional luminaires. Typically, the highly inefficient T8 fluorescent battens were replaced with our 60W IP65 High Output Linear fitting. Our luminaries are far more efficient than traditional fittings, and therefore draw far less power, meaning that James Dawson site has been able to save a colossal 67% on their annual energy bill. Our LED Lighting system has saved James Dawson (and the National Grid) 50,000W of power each year.

In the warehouse setting, we replaced the traditional sodium highbays with our industry leading 200W IP65 High Output Highbay. This significantly improved the lighting in key operating areas –safeguarding operators’ safety and increasing productivity. Finally, our 200W IP65 High Output Floodlight was used to improve outside areas of the site. Notably, this has improved the quality of CCTV images allaying security concerns.

James Dawson is now able to use the money saved each year to re-invest into the business. We are delighted that the CEMA Installation has exceeded all expectations. On completion, Adam Desforges (HSQE Manager) lauded the CEMA Experience, stating that "the customer service was exceptional…They are experts in their field, we could tell they had years of experience of installations behind them".

We are proud of the works carried out; moreover, we are delighted that our dual aim has been met – we reduced their running costs and diminished their carbon footprint.

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Customer Comments

The installation of our new LED lighting across both sites of our organisation exceeded our expectations. From day one we knew we had an experienced team completing the work for us from the onset. The customer service was exceptional, and the workload and tasks were well planned out and allocated within their teams. They are experts in their field and we could tell they had years of experience of installations behind them.

Adam Desforges (HSQE Manager) - James Dawson

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