FSL Aerospace Ltd, Uxbridge

Super Lumen Highbays installed at the FSL Aerospace Ltd Warehouse

FSL Aerospace Switches to CEMA's LED Solution, Saves 66% on Energy Bills, and Reduces Carbon Emissions

FSL Aerospace have been supplying aerospace grade components to OEM's and supporting businesses since 1985.

At FSL Aerospace in Uxbridge, the primary objective was to enhance the lighting quality across the facility while reducing energy expenses and cutting down carbon emissions. The existing lighting comprised of outdated 400-watt MBI lowbay fittings that were gas-charged, energy-intensive, and had a lifespan of only 15,000 hours, requiring frequent replacements. There were also a combination of old recessed and soon-to-be-phased-out fluorescent linear fittings installed in the office spaces.

CEMA Lighting conducted a comprehensive site audit with their expert consultant to assess the lighting issues faced by FSL Aerospace. Based on our findings, we proposed a plan to overcome these challenges by suggesting the implementation of our exclusive Super High-Output LED HighBay in the main warehouse, which would increase the light levels and result in substantial energy savings, and with an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours will eliminate the need for frequent and expensive maintenance.

Our professional installation team also fitted the upper mezzanine and break-out area with our IP65 Linear Batten. For the office spaces, we suggested the use of our stylish Halo panels to provide bright and clear illumination.

The transition to a CEMA LED lighting installation has brought numerous advantages to FSL Aerospace and its staff. The implementation of these energy-efficient lights have resulted in better-lit workspaces, contributing to increased safety and wellbeing of employees throughout the site. In addition to the improved lighting conditions, the company has achieved a short payback period of just over 3 years, with a significant reduction in energy consumption resulting in a 66% reduction in annual lighting bills. Furthermore, this shift has led to a considerable decrease in carbon emissions, with over 5 tonnes of CO2 saved annually. This reduction is equivalent to planting over 242 trees during the 8-year warranty period of the installation.

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