Buxoplas, Derby


Buxoplas, Derby

Buxoplas Manufacturing are a leading supplier in the production and supply of plastic tubing across the UK, manufacturing anti-static and conductive products, and different grades, sizes and resistances. Their products are often used in the construction and mining industries.

During the initial consultation with CEMA Lighting, it was discussed that Buxoplas’ main requirements for the lighting project was to increase the light levels within and outside their factory, alongside the added benefit of significantly reducing the sites energy cost.

Initially installed at Buxoplas were 400-watt Metal Halide / Halogen Highbay and Floodlight fittings, these are extremely inefficient, burning an additional 80 watts through the ballast whilst only outputting a low level of light.

Within the production areas CEMA Lighting installed the Market Leading 200Lm/w High-Output Super Lumen Highbay, this not only maximised the energy savings with a power of 200W opposed to 400W, but also transformed the light levels within the factory, so much so that some fittings could be removed, creating a much safer working environment.

In the external areas CEMA Lighting situated 100 & 200W High-Output Modular Floodlights which dramatically improved the level of light in the exterior storage areas whilst improving security and safety around the site.

The new lighting system installed at Buxoplas in February 2022 was able to reduce the site lighting costs from almost £13,000 to just over £4,500 this alongside a return on investment of under a year means that the new system will have paid itself before the end of November 2022.

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    LED High Output 160Lm/W Adjustable Modular Floodlight (100W Per Module)

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