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CEMA Lighting specialises in the design, supply, commission, and installation of bespoke industrial lighting systems across the globe with a number of clients in Abu Dhabi, USA, Poland, and Dubai.‚Äč

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Warehouses, factories, and large storage spaces with high ceilings need highbay style luminaires to produce high volumes of light output that will project to the workspace and floor levels. Usually, these are the areas that consume the most energy and so are the first areas to address when looking the save money on your lighting costs by making the switch the LED lighting. Book a free consultation to see how much money you can save by switching to LED lighting.

Linear Lighting

Linear style luminaires are very versatile products that can be used in both office and warehouse settings with just a few changes to the durability, beam angle and light output of the product. In industrial spaces, Linear luminaires are ideal for lower ceilings or longer areas and can produce a very uniform luminance. Some Linear fittings can also be very durable against leaking roofs, dusty spaces, and even a knock from the odd forklift.

ATEX Rated Lights

Explosion-proof lighting is a necessity for businesses with sensitive chemicals, gasses, and powders in the atmosphere. By introducing fully certified ATEX lighting in the area the likelihood of a spark or accident caused by heat from the lamp is eradicated, ensuring the safety of everybody in and around the facility. To learn the individual specifications of our LED ATEX and emergency ATEX product, view our complete product range here:

Saving Money With LED Lighting

CEMA Lighting guarantee to reduce your lighting costs by a minimum of 50% when making the switch from a traditional lighting system. However, often the energy savings are much higher.

Here are some quick figures of how much money our customers have saved by making the switch to a CEMA Lighting LED lighting system.

These figures exclude any conversions to commercial or external systems and are only savings made through an industrial conversion!

Quick Figures:

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Industrial LED Lighting Range

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