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Energy Technology Product List & Enhanced Capital Allowance

All CEMA Lighting luminaires are on the Energy Technology Product List (ETPL) which is a government-managed list of energy-efficient products which is a part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax scheme for businesses in the UK, this means if you’re a business that pays income or corporation tax, you’ll be able to claim 19% of the total cost back on a product if it’s on the ETPL at the end of the tax year.

The first-year allowances let businesses set 100% of the cost of the assets against taxable profits in a single tax year. This means the company can write off the cost of the new plant or machinery against the business’s taxable profits in the financial year the purchase was made. An ECA is claimed through a business’s income or corporation tax return in the same way as any other capital allowance.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) annually reviews the technologies and products that qualify for inclusion. The ETL is managed on behalf of BEIS by the Carbon Trust who we are fully accredited with.

Claiming Enhanced Capital Allowances for energy saving equipment is quick and easy; you claim ECAs for energy-saving equipment through your income tax self-assessment or your corporation tax self-assessment return, which is the same way that you claim standard capital allowances. We recommend that purchasers speak to their company´s accountant. A business or organisation that does not pay income or corporation tax cannot claim an ECA on energy-saving equipment.

If you have any queries about the Energy Technology Product List or claiming an Enhanced Capital Allowance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01673 840000 and one of our lighting experts will be happy to talk you through the process.

Funding Options

We also offer a traditional finance option which is underwritten by Bluestone Leasing who are a team of award winning finance specialists who work with some of the biggest companies in the UK, this option allows you to split the cost of the project into monthly repayments over a set period of 2 to 5 years which can be agreed upon at the point of purchase.

Click Here to use the calculator on the Bluestone Leasing website to get an idea of cost.

If you would like to discuss your funding options for commissioning a new energy efficient lighting system, please do not hesitate to give our team a call on 01673 840000 and one of our lighting experts will be happy to help.