Romold, Livingston


Romold specialise in spill containment solutions, specifically within trade. Based in Livingstone, Scotland, Romold have manufactured bins, drums and pallets for waste containment and transportation since 1998.

As part of their development plans for 2019-2020, Romold were aiming to reduce their energy costs. CEMA Lighting’s free lighting audit was the opportunity they were looking for, as they wished to thoroughly investigate the cost of their current lighting system. Our resultant proposal demonstrated that 50% annual savings could be secured with a CEMA Lighting solution.

The main production area was poorly lit by 100 Watt Linears and 80W Flobays. Our in-house installations division replaced these luminaires with our industry-leading 190 Lm/W 200W High-Output Super Lumen High Bay. With the increased lumen output offered by these highly efficient luminaires, we were able to reduce the number of fittings in the area by 34 – meaning a total reduction in running costs of 59%!

Since installing the new energy-efficient LED lighting system in September 2019, staff at Romold have noticed a great improvement in the light levels throughout the facility and the financial savings are being used to pay for the lighting project.