RDC, Braintree

RDC, Braintree

CEMA Lighting are pleased to have delivered a new LED lighting solution for RDC, the world’s foremost IT disposal and recycling company.

Our free lighting audit established that the light fittings in the main warehouse and production area were costly traditional luminaires that drew a high level of energy. These outdated fittings have been replaced with CEMA Lighting’s exclusive Super Lumen highbay. This luminaire offers an impressive 190 Lumens per Watt efficiency. Furthermore, it has an anticipated lifespan of 100,000 hours, consumes 58% less energy (than the original fittings) and will provide an improved colour rendering – offering a brighter and whiter light, ensuring that the production area will be lit to over 300 lux (in line with recommended guidelines).

The majority of RDC’s office space was lit by panel lights that only converted 70-90 Lumens per Watt. These were replaced with CEMA Lighting’s contemporary Halo panel which uses 75% less energy and has triple the lifespan.

Our in-house installations team carried out the works in an undisruptive and efficient manner, removing 1432 luminaires and installing 1079 new LED luminaires in under two weeks.

These works have increased light levels on the premises by 30%, reduced annual Kilowatt consumption by 551,005 kwh, ensuring an annual CO² saving of 299.75 tonnes. Of course, running costs have been slashed too, with a percentage saving of 59%.

RDC is a company that has been awarded the Queen’s award multiple times for commitments to environmentally sustainable business agendas. CEMA Lighting are proud to have helped RDC save 2,397 tonnes of CO² (in an 8-year period) by installing a highly efficient, market leading LED Lighting solution.