Britax, Andover


Britax have been manufacturing safety equipment and accessories for cars since 1938, concentrating on child safety equipment from 1966.

Britax required an efficient LED Lighting solution for its office, production and external areas on their premises. In the office, over 300 out-dated recessed panels were replaced with CEMA Lighting’s signature 30-Watt Halo panel. This saw energy consumption drop considerably by 68%.

The running costs of the Production area were halved by switching the 400W Sodium Lowbays with CEMA Lighting’s highly efficient 200W Super Lumen Highbay. Moreover, huge improvements were made to the external areas as the metal halide lamps were replaced with CEMA Lighting’s 200W High-Output Modular Floodlight. Metal halide lamps have a short lifespan, long warm-up period and are omnidirectional (meaning light output is wasted). Our Floodlights have noticeably improved visibility outside, meaning CCTV footage is vastly improved – increasing levels of safety on the site.

Britax have now reduced the total running costs of their lighting system across their entire facility by 62%! Similarly, they have reduced their carbon emissions by 134.39 Tonnes annually. Britax can surely claim to be a more environmentally sustainable business following the completion of their CEMA Lighting solution.